Terri Garland launches HATCHFUND.ORG Campaign
Terri Garland is launching a HATCHFUND.ORG campaign to fund the making of her new documentary film LOUISIANA, PURCHASED. All the information is at Please take a look, make a donation, and pass the link on to anyone you feel might be interested in helping. Many thanks for your support.
Louisiana, Purchased

Thomas Joshua Cooper - Shoshone Falls - NEW from Radius Books
SHOSHONE FALLS: photographs by Thomas Joshua Cooper and Timothy O'Sullivan with essay by Toby Jurovics was published by Radius Books in 2010. Copies are now available. -------- In the summer of 2003, Thomas Joshua Cooper traveled to Shoshone Falls in southern Idaho to photograph where the Snake River had tumbled across a 212 foot precipice, once one of the most sublime and inspiring landscapes in the American West. Cooper’s images were a response to the work of nineteenth centrury photographer Timothy H. O'Sullivan.

Santa Cruz Sentinel Feature Article, 25 May 2008