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Terri Garland
Internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist Terri Garland has been exploring issues of racial discordance and the culture of the American South for more than 20 years. The work is sometimes controversial, however, the artist's intent is to present the images as visual texts which serve both as social documents and cultural observations from a very personal perspective.
The events of Hurricane Katrina and the horrific aftermath for the people of Louisiana and Mississippi presented a poignant and more urgent context for Garland's work. "Meditations on Strength and Neglect" further explores the "Southern Discomforts" idiom in a time of intense stress.
In the last three years Garland has continued working extensively in Mississippi and Louisiana examining all aspects of the racial issues that continue brew against a background of dichotomous tradition and a distinctly Southern cultural landscape.
Ms. Garland's documentary photographic work has been widely exhibited in the US and Europe, published in major periodicals around the globe, and is represented in major American and European museums, libraries and private collections.
Terri Garland and Perspective Fine Art are solely and entirely responsible for the content of these images, which are presented here both as visual documents and as works of art. They are presented with no intention to incite or insult anyone, nor are they meant to profess a belief, present a critique, or otherwise embrace a point of view beyond that of the artist's presentation of her observations.
Earlier Images from the series "Southern Discomforts"
Color coupler prints, in editions of 35.
Each approximately 10 3/4 x 16" on sheets 16 x 20"
Signed, titled, dated and numbered.
New Orleans, LA 1989

Christian Identity Family, 1993

Texas Klanspersons, 1990

Torches, Lawrenceburg, TN 1990

Outside Chattanooga, TN 1989

Cross Up, Stockbridge, GA 1990

Mr. Washington, Savannah, GA 2004

Border Patrol, 1993

Hurricane Katrina: Mediations on Strength and Neglect
Archival digital ink-jet prints. Images sizes up to 20 inches at the longest dimension.
Editions sizes vary.
Baghdad, New Orleans, 2006

Club, H'armani, New Orleans, 2006

Porch Light, Dauphine Street, New Orleans, 2007

Thanksgiving Night, New Orleans, 2006

Dakaiya, Port Sulphur, LA 2006

Girls, FEMA Camp, Port Sulphur, LA 2006

Black Cat, New Orleans, 2006

Hoop, New Orleans, 2006

Iberville Stove, New Orleans, 2006

Mercedes Place, New Orleans, 2006

FEMA Camp, Port Sulphur, LA 2006

Boys, FEMA Camp, Port Sulphur, LA 2006

Southern Discomforts: MISSISSIPPI 2007
Archival digital ink-jet prints. Images sizes up to 20 inches at the longest dimension.
Editions sizes vary.
July 4, Greenville, MS 2007

Torching Cross, July 7th near Tyler, MS 2007

Robert Keglar, Charleston, MS 2007

Ring of Fire, MS 2007

Brooklyn Chapel, MS 2007

Cotton Bales, HWY 61, MS 2007

Klansman at Dusk, Itawamba County, MS. 2007

THE GOOD BOOKS – Katrina Bibles and Prayer Books
A Limited Edition Portfolio of 30 with 5 Artist's Proofs
12 Archival digital inkjet prints on Hahnemülhle Photo Rag Paper
Bulls-Eye Bible, 2006

37 Fret, 2006

Warning again, 2006

Genesis 8, 2006

Psalms 121:2, 2006

Parable of the fig tree, 2006

Square Bible, 2006

Suggestive Bible, 2006

Insulated Bible, 2006

Caesar, 2006

Zebra Bible, 2006

Black Bible, 2006

Individual Titles:
Blue Note, 2006

This is a Lament, 2006

Lapis Bible, 2006

The master of the house, 2006

Grace, 2007

How I kept back nothing… 2006

Rusty Bible, 2007

Rebuke, 2006

The master of the house, 2006

Who can find a virtuous woman, 2007

Dog Bible, 2007

Turquoise Bible, 2006

Louisiana Purchased - Disappearing Wetlands of Coastal Louisiana
This work examines the consequences of greed and neglect in relation to both the loss of vital wetlands in the lower coastal parishes of Louisiana and the health of people living in close proximity to oil refineries along the Mississippi River. The foremost factor compromising the welfare of these regions and their citizens remains our insatiable demand for petroleum products and the irresponsible methods by which that demand is satisfied.
Archival ink-jet prints. 12 x 18 inches. Edition sizes vary.
Near Delacroix, LA 2011

Mid Bayou, Isle de Jean Charles, LA 2013

Burn, Isle de Jean Charles, LA 2011

Norco, 2011

The Eel, 2012

Jade and the Gators, 2011

Juliette Descending, 2013

Ian on the Bayou, 2013

Pointe-au-Chien Marina, 2013

Sunshine River Bridge, 2012

Empty Homes, Isle de Jean Charles, LA 2012

Egrets, Lower St Bernard Parish, LA, 2011

Norco, # 2, 2012

Twisted Kitty, 2012

Near Bourg, LA 2013

Beryl's Grandduaghters, 2013

Moving Traps, Tropical Storm Lee, 2011

Rig in the Bay, 2012