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Thomas Joshua Cooper
Shoshone Falls Suite
For more than 35 years Thomas Joshua Cooper has been exploring the synaptic interfaces between land and water – light and motion - place and event, earth elements which exist for him as crucial realities of consciousness and which mark the essence of how time is experienced by us all. For most of the past 18 years Cooper has chosen to examine these realities by photographing the Atlantic Rim, the edge of the ocean, as it were, and thus, has been creating a visual circumnavigation, north–south • east-west, of the body of water that had for centuries been the perceived as the divide between the old world and the new.
During a break from the Atlantic Basin Project a few years ago, Cooper's great admiration for the pioneering vision of Timothy H. O'Sullivan led him to retrace the steps of the great 19th century documentary photographer. The Shoshone Falls in Idaho was the only location that O'Sullivan visited twice and it was there that he made his final photographs in Western North America.
Cooper found Shoshone Falls compelling, an open elemental source for his visual explorations and a metaphorical extension of the Atlantic Basin Project. He spent considerable time at the falls in 2003 making photographs, realized the first prints in 2004, and is now in the process of publishing that work as a limited edition suite of 18 original photographs.
The prints are 18 x 22 inches on 20 x 24 inch sheets. Each print is mounted and signed, titled and dated. The Suite will be issued in an edition of 5 plus two hors commerce sets.
Price on request.
The Snake River
Pillar Falls Canyon
Twin Falls County, Idaho, USA

"Bridal Falls" – Shoshone Falls The Snake River Basin
The West Bank Rim Top
Jerome County, Idaho, USA
Vertical diptych – part 1 - the top part

The Snake River "The Funnel"
No. 3, Pillar Falls
Twin Falls County, Idaho, USA

"Bridal Falls" – Shoshone Falls The Snake River Basin Floor
The West Bank Floor
Jerome County, Idaho, USA
Vertical diptych – part 2 - the bottom part

High Noon Shoshone Falls From The Floor of The Snake River Basin
The Jerome and Twin Falls County Borderline
Idaho, USA

Lingering Twilight -The First View, Shoshone Falls, Centre Rim Top, The Snake River Basin. The Twin Falls and Jerome County Borderline, Idaho. USA. Vertical Diptych, the top part